Starter & Lighter Bites

Salad Bar

Help yourself to our fresh selection


Homemade Soup

Always different, ask your waiter or see our boards. With a crusty roll & butter


Half Pint Of Prawns

Prawns mixed with diced apple, celery & spring onion, finished with a tomato & whisky mayo


Smokey Haddock & Salmon Fishcake

With a melting cheddar centre


Half Rack Ribs

Served with your choice of salad garnish or marrowfat peas


Boxed Camembert

Oven baked with crusty ciabatta


Cheese Board

Four Great British Cheese to be proud of. Served with good old Jacob Crackers and Branston Pickle 


From the Salad Bar

Choose from either:


Freshly baked barm 


Crisp & fluffy stuffed baked potato
(also available with chilli con carne or baked beans)



Platter for your choice of salad & potatoes from the carvery


Choose your filling:

Daily roast from the carvery, grated Cheddar & red Leicester duo, tuna sweetcorn or prawn crunch 

And help yourself to the fresh & healthy salad bar 


A Bit on the Side

Try The Best Fat Chips


Sweet Potato Fries


Carvery is What We Do Best

Great British Carvery 

Choose from a selection of hand carved roasts & daily specials, a famous selection of fresh vegetables, stuffing & three gravies. Served with either one of our famous Yorkshire puds or as a sandwich in a fresh, locally baked barm. Ask your carver

(Sun £11)

Eat like a king (or queen)!

Upgrade to a bigger plate for a bigger portion


Veggie Carvery

The same delicious carvery, just without the meat!
Plus vegetable stock gravy

(Sun £9)

Don’t forget… our chefs cook up freshly made specials everyday. See the boards or ask one of the team


Veggie Alternatives

Cooked to order, collect from the carvery and choose your own veg

Brie & Beetroot Tart

Pastry tart filled with creamy Brie cheese sauce with a centre of beetroot & apple compote

(Sun £9.25)

Veggie Special 

We change this regularly, please ask a team member or see the boards

(Sun £9.50)

tabby title=”From the Seas”]


Colossal Cod & Chips

Giant beer battered cod with the best fat chips. With your choice of salad garnish or marrowfat peas


Scampi & The Best Fat Chips

Breaded prawns, with your choice of marrowfat peas or salad garnish


Carvery Not Your Thing ?

Available Monday – Saturday

Cod with Lemon & Parsley

Served with broccoli & new potatoes


Lamb Shank Braised in Red Wine & Rosemary 

Until falling off the bone, served with buttered, crushed new potatoes
(Collect from carvery & choose your own veg)


#GBB – Great British Burger 

6oz hand-pressed steak burger, English breakfast mushroom, beef tomato 

cheddar cheese on toasted brioche bun, with the best fat chips 

Add – cajun onions 75p / bacon £1 / black pudding £1.25

See the boards or ask one of the team.


Zeus, the God of Burgers 

6oz lamb burger with feta, red onion, beef tomato & tzatziki


Chicken Breast Burger 

With lettuce, tomato & guacamole


Almond Artisan Pizza

Made to order with the freshest ingredients, baked high for a light and crispy crust

Available Monday – Saturday


Classic cheese and tomato



Roasted peppers, onions, leeks and sun-dried tomatoes with fresh basil oil and rocket 


Goat’s Cheese 

Sun-dried tomatoes, peppers, red onion and goat’s cheese topped with fresh rocket


Three Little Pigs

Pulled pork, spicy pepperoni & crispy bacon 



Prawns, capers, red onion and fresh chilies, topped with rocket  


For the Kids

Ages 3 to 9


 Kids’ Carvery  

(Sun £6.25)

Chicken Breast Nuggets Chips & Beans

(Sun £6.25) 

Scamps Scampi & Chips 

(Sun £6.25)

For the little ones – under 3s


Mac & Cheese

Little portion for little people (250g)


Free Plate

We will send a plate to your table for infants for you to share your own carvery once you have collected it



All served with your choice of cream, custard or ice cream 

Four Layer Fudge Cake

To die for! Moist chocolate cake with rich chocolate, white chocolate chunks and brownie pieces, delicious hot or cold  


Cookie Dough Salted Caramel Crunch Pie 

Chocolate pastry case filled with toffee mousse, cookie dough & honeycomb pieces & salted caramel


Sticky Toffee Pudding (Gluten Free)

Hot and sticky date and toffee pudding with thick toffee sauce


Warm Rocky Road Roulade

Chocolate sponge rolled with chocolate fudge icing, marshmallows & shortcake biscuit, served warm


Lemon Meringue Pie

Light buttery pastry case filled with lemon curd and lightly toasted meringue


Jam Sponge Pudding  

Vegetarian suet pudding with sticky raspberry jam


Cheesecake of the Day 

Ask a waiter or see boards for today’s choice 


Belgian Banana Waffle 

Toasted and topped with banana slices, ice cream and maple syrup 


Kelly’s Cornish Ice Cream 

Vanilla Bean Seed, Luxury Chocolate, Mint Choc Chip, Salted Caramel or Eton Mess 

Add as many extra scoops as you’d like for £1 each

Kids’ Four Layer Fudge Cake  £2.95 

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