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If you lose this page at any point you can easily get back, just make a note of the webpage –

Just a few more bits to do…

Pay your £15 participation fee

Please pay for everyone within your sign-up group. Please check the total amount before paying!


Start fundraising!
We absolutely smashed our fundraising target last year, raising a massive £17,000! This year we’re aiming to top that and the only way to do that is through you!

We’ve found that the best and most efficient way to collect sponsorship money is through Just Giving but you can always do it the old fashioned way by downloading a SPONSOR FORM

Just Giving Instructions
Please login to your Just Giving account, if you have one, or go to to register by clicking “get started”. Once registered, follow the below instructions

Click the orange ‘Start Fundraising’ button at the top of the homepage. Click that you’re fundraising for a charity and link it to the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research by searching “FPWR UK” (it’s the top one!) [Charity number to verify FPWR UK is 1141923]

At the next “Let us know what you’re doing” stage click on ‘Taking part in an event’ and click One Small Step Pub Walk 

When it asks you whether your charity is contributing make sure you click no so we receive the Gift Aid!

After that choose your web address (or you can keep the one they give you)

Once you’ve created your page you will be taken to ‘Personalise your page’. Just fill in the details about why you’re raising money for FPWR UK. What: “One Small Step Pub Walk” / Because: “I want to raise money for Prader-Willi research” then click ‘save and continue’

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